How To Reduce Neck Pain And How Your Local Osteo Can Help You


Frequent or persistent neck pain can make our joints stiff and painful as we become older. Chronic neck pain is the result of deterioration of the joints, vertebrae, and discs in the cervical region of the spine, which can cause pain, inflammation, and even impairment of function. The illness usually affects persons over the age of 50 and gets worse as they get older. Over 85% of persons over the age of 60 have been affected. Symptoms might range from no symptoms to severe pain and stiffness, with catastrophic consequences such as loss of coordination if the spinal cord is squeezed.


Neck Pain And Osteopathy

The number of cases of patients with neck pain has risen in recent years, presumably due to the increased use of mobile phones and tablets. We're stooping over our desks, hunched over a computer, or travelling a greater distance on a regular basis. All of this might affect the neck and upper back.


In most cases, the neck is restricted from moving without restraint, resulting in the neck muscles becoming 'hypertonic' or in a pinched nerve, meaning excessively tight, limiting movement and causing pain. This pain can lead to symptoms in other parts of the body, such as shoulder and arm stiffness, migraines, and headaches.


How Can An Osteopath Assist You?

Osteopaths can use a variety of gentle techniques to relieve neck muscle tension and increase movement in the neck and upper-back joints. Gently manipulating the tissues in the joints to alleviate stress or softly massaging the neck to make the joints move is a popular treatment.


Other parts of the back and shoulders, as well as the neck, may require treatment. An osteopath will show you how to maintain the correct posture while sitting or standing,  as well as stretches and exercises to help your upper back and neck muscles and joints relax. If the issue is significant, they can send you for a scan or X-ray, or refer you to your doctor for further testing.


The Advantages of Visiting An Osteopath

The main advantages are the prevention of recurrence of symptoms and the restoration of balance. Osteopathy treatment not only relieves pain, but it also aids in the improvement of blood flow, posture, and natural movement to the affected areas. This reduces the likelihood of stiffness reoccurring.



How Can Osteopathy Help With Headaches And Stiff Neck?

The nerves, blood arteries, ligaments, muscles, and bones in your neck and cervical spine form a complicated system. It supports your head, which carries your brain and protects the nerves that run down your spine, and it also protects the nerves that run down your spine.


You can accomplish the basic duties of daily life with a strong, flexible neck. Its function affects your immune system, energy levels, and overall health. Your neck rarely gets a break from supporting your head and brain, as well as preserving your circulatory and neural systems. It's also a delicate structure that doesn't handle damage well and is vulnerable to stress and poor posture. Neck stiffness, muscle tightness, and neck discomfort are all frequent problems, but the good news is that they may all be easily addressed with daily stretching and osteopathy.


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