How an Osteo Can Help with Pains and Cramps


The human body comprises numerous muscles (more than 600), bones (over 200), and tendons. These muscles, bones, and tendons work together round the clock to help you do everything that you do during the day, from breathing to walking to lifting. 

Due to the constant motion of the various body parts, especially in athletes and individuals who are involved in strenuous physical activities on a day-to-day basis, the muscles, bones, and tendons may get affected (fatigued, cramped, or injured), which causes pain. Sometimes, the pain is only mild, but other times, the pain can affect routine life, and that�s when you should see a professional.

If you�ve been experiencing pain or cramps in any part of your body and it has started to affect your life, but you don�t know who to see, we suggest you start with an osteopath. An osteopath is a professional who treats pains and cramps with a combination of osteopathic techniques and conventional treatments. 

Let�s look in detail at how an osteopath can help with pains and cramps.

Diagnose the Root Cause

When you visit an osteopath, they�ll conduct a detailed, full-body evaluation to diagnose the root cause of the pains and cramps. There are two possibilities; the pain is only temporary without any underlying pathology, or the pain is due to pathology. This is what an osteopath tries to find out in the full-body examination. 

The osteo will also make you do some stretches and movements to assess the overall health and condition of the joints, tissues, and ligaments. This will help them identify what it is that�s causing these pains and cramps you�re complaining about.

Propose a Treatment Plan

Once the osteopath has identified the root cause of your pains and cramps, they�ll propose a treatment plan designed specifically for you. While osteo can prescribe medications, they usually don�t. They take a holistic approach, try to alleviate pain, and treat your condition through massage, exercises, and physical manipulation. An osteopath doesn�t opt for surgery. Osteopathy is basically a non-invasive treatment method, and that�s what they would stick by. They�ll refer you to a more specialized doctor if your condition requires surgery. 

An osteopath will include dietary and lifestyle changes as a part of your treatment plan. For example, if your job requires you to lift heavy weights that are causing you back pain, an osteopath will help you correct your lifting posture to reduce strain on your back. 

Results of Osteopathy Treatment

Osteopathy treatment is highly effective in alleviating pains and treating cramps. Osteopathy treatment will help improve blood circulation and flow throughout the body, promote faster healing, reduce muscle tension, and improve flexibility, range of motion, and mobility. All in all, an osteopath will help improve your quality of life and improve your overall health, not just the area of your body that�s hurting.

If you�re looking for reliable osteopaths to help you find relief to pains and cramps in your body that won�t go away no matter what you do, you should visit us at Longbeach Osteopathy. We�ve got the most qualified professionals on board that�ll help you eliminate the pain affecting your everyday life.