4 Top Benefits of Dry Needling at Your Osteopath


The human body is made up of a complex set of nerves, vessels, and muscles that are doing their jobs respectively. However, these functional bodies can twist and result in knotted muscles, which can be a source of extreme pain. Knotted muscles are also referred to as trigger points, where the pain shoots from and persists if not taken care of promptly. It results as a result of muscle contraction. When the knotted muscle fibres contract but fail to relax, a sharp pain shoots through the body that goes beyond the knot. It also creates a pinching effect on your blood vessels.


Dry Needling

Patients suffering from trigger points can experience severe pain that only an osteopath can tackle. They will carry out a procedure called Dry Needling that cures the pain and acts as an effective tool to break the cycle of recurring pain episodes. Your osteopath will insert an acupuncture-like needle into the trigger point. While it sounds like a painful procedure, everybody reacts to the procedure differently. However, it is an effective method to treat trigger points, resulting in blood regulation, muscle relaxation, and reduced inflammation. The body instantly experiences a healing indication to the stimulus, which means the chemical imbalance is being remedied. 


Top Benefits of Dry Needling

In most cases, patients do not consult an osteopath instantly when they sustain an injury. This can result in permanent damage to the contracted nerves. Therefore, it is essential to get familiar with the benefits of dry needling.
The following are some benefits:


1.     Instant Paint Relief

Trigger points are not limited to the upper back; you can experience muscle fibre contraction anywhere in your body. As soon as the dry needling procedure is completed, the contracted muscles start to relax, soaking in the required oxygen and working at their regular pace. Instant pain relief can enable you to function better as your blood flow improves.


2.     Recovery from a Fatal Injury

If you have experienced a fatal injury in your neck, back, or other parts of the body, you must undergo surgery. After the surgery, it is crucial to move your body and exercise according to your osteopath�s instructions. Dry needling can accelerate the pace of your recovery from the injury and help you perform better.


3.     Regulates Mobility

Trigger points can be so painful that they might limit your physical activity or, sometimes, halts mobility altogether. However, if you choose to go to an osteopath, they will instantly relieve your pain with the help of dry needling. It regulated your mobility and helps you regain your range of motion.


4.     Progress in Chronic Pain Condition

Fibromyalgia and Myofascial Pain Syndrome are chronic pain conditions that most patients can�t deal with. While acupuncture works well in these conditions, dry needling can significantly improve these two conditions and help the patient embark on the road to recovery. Dry needling at your osteopath can be a life-changing procedure that can save you from chronic pain conditions. It helps you get instant relief from the knotted muscles, putting the required pressure on the affected areas and regulating your blood flow in the process.